My name is Shane Gray.  I've been building custom fishing rods for almost twenty years.  I own graywolfrods.com and have built and shipped thousands of fly rods all over the world. After almost ten years, I thought it's time to bring back the tapers that started my fiberglass journey. The same tapers I designed with the help of Mike McFarland over ten years ago, of course with some refinements as Mike and I have learned a few things over the years. Classic flex, medium action, workhorse rods - "sweet spots" if you will.

I have a fine list of rods that cover all of your trout fishing needs. I've combined my favorite fiberglass tapers, flor grade cork grip shapes, and custom designed reel seats for the rods I offer, all wrapped in silk thread and finished with a simply classic look.


Fiberglass rods from small stream 3wts, to the best 4 & 5wt rods you've ever fished. You can learn more about the fiberglass and components here


Each rod is built the same as my custom rods, one at a time in Michigan.

Only photo I could find. I'm older, grayer, and the beard is longer now.

Trout Smiths Fiberglas Rods

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