Fiberglass & Parts

It's very simple. I use proven parts of only the highest quality for the rods I build.

- Fiberglass; a premium quality E glass fiberglass that is honey color throughout, these blanks are not painted.

- Spigot ferrules; all Trout Smith's Classic fiberglass rods have an internal ferrule also known as a spigot ferrule. This is a proven superior ferrule design in fiberglass and makes my rods smooth and fluid throughout each section.

- Cork; all hand selected flor grade of the highest quality. Each ring glued to the blank and turned on the blank to ensure the perfect transfer of feel all the way to the butt section of each rod.

- Reel seat; all custom made of my own designs. Darkened nickle hardware. All cork inserts and pocket cap/ring on 3wt, pocket cap/ring with fiddle back insert on 4wt, and down lock threaded with fiddle back on 5wt.

- Guides; I only use Snake Brand guides on all my fly rods. Snake Brand offers the best guide on the market.

- Stripping guide; I decided the best guide for the job was a SIC ring with a titanium frame. All sized appropriately for each rod.

- Wraps; all rods are silk wrapped with fine black tipping.

- Finish; the wraps are finished in spar. The silk wrap is translucent under the finish.

- Rod bag/tube; the rods include a cotton rod bag and an aluminum rod tube.

Trout Smiths Fiberglas Rods

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