How to purchase

It's simple really. If you click on THE RODS page you will find a list of models I offer, from there you can click on the model your interested in that will take you to that models page, simply click the buy now button and pay with PayPal, credit or debit card ( FYI - you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal) it's fast, safe and secure. If you prefer sending a check or money order contact me & I will respond right away.

- If you would like to purchase more than one rod please contact me, so I can adjust shipping charge.

I ship worldwide. Outside the USA? You may click the buy now button and I will invoice separate for any additional shipping cost.

- To make it even easier, you can click on the buy now link below, to purchase any of my Trout Smith's Classic Rods.


Classic 563 (5'6" 3wt)


Classic 703 (7'0" 3wt)


Classic 794 (7'9" 4wt)


Classic 805 (8'0" 5wt)

Trout Smiths Fiberglas Rods

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